AXPad - Authenticated Crosspad


AXPad - Authenticated Crosspad #

The AXPad Utilities

The AXPad Utilities are a collection of security tools utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) cryptographic method. The AXPad Utilities are available for macOS-arm64, different important Linux operating systems and are certified for RHEL8 and RHEL9.

axpad is a file encryption and decryption utility program utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) method to protect some categories of especially sensitive information with authentication.


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The AXPad Method

AXPad is a symmetrical cryptographic method which operates on systematically combined and thus expanded true random data. The method combines a set of true random input pads with XOR resulting in a significantly larger addressable set of random pads (a pad space). The HMAC algorithm for authentication is SHA256.

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