AXPad - Authenticated Crosspad


AXPad - Authenticated Crosspad #

The AXPad Utilities

The AXPad Utilities are a collection of security tools utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) cryptographic method. The AXPad Utilities are available for macOS-arm64, different important Linux operating systems and are certified for RHEL8 and RHEL9.

axpad is a file encryption and decryption utility program utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) method to protect some categories of especially sensitive information with authentication.

February 27, 2024
AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) Utilities Release 1.92
Raspberry Pi OS 64bit packages added


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The AXPad Method

AXPad is a symmetrical cryptographic method which operates on systematically combined and thus expanded true random data. The method combines a set of true random input pads with XOR resulting in a significantly larger addressable set of random pads (a pad space). The HMAC algorithm for authentication is SHA256.

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