The AXPad Method


The AXPad Method #

The AXPad method basically combines a set of true random input pads systematically with XOR resulting in a significantly larger addressable set of random pads (a pad space). This combination is done systematically based on an address, the selector.

Each element (individual pad) in this resulting pad space has the following properties:

  • It is individually addressable,
  • it is individually unique,
  • its combined randomness is indistinguishable from true randomness by contemporary methods.

The total amount of input entropy does not change by this expansion.

The AXPad ingredients are:

  • A source of true randomness for generating the true random input material,
  • The XOR operator,
  • A standard HMAC algorithm for authentication (SHA256),
  • a shared notion of time.

Pseudo Code
This C-like pseudo code shows the principle and its simplicity.
Ciphertext Message Examples
A closer look at AXPad authenticated ciphertext message blocks
Possible Applications of the AXPad method