Frequently Asked Questions #

Can I reimplement the AXPad method? #

Sure, that’s absolutely feasible (and mandatory to be): Take a look at the AXPad method, the C-like pseudo code and the axpad implementation notes to get started. If there are any questions remaining we are happy to help.

Do I need my own True Random Number Generator (TRNG)? #

No, combining (XORing) TRNG generated entropy bits with anything (e.g. /dev/urandom) provides you your personal true random input material. It is mathematically proven, that the XOR operation combining true random variables (which are individually uniformly distributed over their range and independent) with anything results in something, that is also perfectly random and uniformly distributed. In the download area you find 16 true random 256MB data files retrieved from the Quantis USB TRNG. Pick one of them and combine it with /dev/urandom using axpad xor and you are all set. However, in my opinion, it’s always good to have your own TRNG available.

I have lost my random material and need to decrypt axpad encrypted data for some serious reason, can you help? #

I don’t really think that this question will ever be asked, but no. That’s impossible (assuming the random material management was perfect and doesn’t allow any circumvention or unexpected access).

Do you support macOS x86_64? #

No, axpad is only available for arm64 (Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3) as a .pkg distribution package.