The AXPad Utilities


The AXPad Utilities #

The AXPAd Utilities are a collection of security tools related to the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) cryptographic method.

The following applications are planned to be added to the AXPad Utilities next:

  • sha256count - generate binary SHA256 checksums counting 256 bits upwards
  • sha256loop - generate binary SHA256 checksums in a feedback loop
  • xha512sum - print or check XHA512 checksums
  • xha512count - generate binary XHA512 checksums counting 512 bits upwards
  • xha512loop - generate binary XHA512 checksums in a feedback loop
  • axchat - an ad hoc AXPad-secured terminal based textual chat application
  • udphub - a generic IPv4/IPv6 UDP hub
  • axbridge - a Layer 2 site-to-site VPN (an “axpadified” version of the former RBridge application)

The current AXPad Utilities 1.86 Contents are: #

axpad - securing regular files
axpad is a file encryption and decryption utility program utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) method to protect some categories of especially sensitive information with authentication.